CARL KÖHLER . 1919-2006

Carl Köhler
“Each face possesses a certain exaggeration - want to live on at the beholder. Perhaps, I look for a specific face, the poetic dimension.”

He experimented gladly with different expressions and engineers. He got inspired to his motives by theater, musical, dance and literature. Detailed portraits of authors occupy an unique position in his production. In the exhibition portraits performed in oil, acrylic, drawings and graphic, of both Swedish and international authors.

Carl Köhler Collection
Carl Köhler
"The image of body language: the development of story drama and play".

Carl Köhler was an artist with a intense relationship to classical music, and it was a constant presence in his life. The exhibit ” Images of Dance and Sound” features images embodying music, dance and literature, which where the sources of inspiration, feeling, power and movement in his paintings.


It was the body, possibly more then people themselves that Carl Köhler was particularly devoted to and which spawned the most creativity in his later works. With a modernistic tradition as his starting-point, Köhler reduced and abstracted bodily forms, thereby bringing them to a new level. His masterful technique and expression are equally extraordinary in his paintings as in his assemblage works, in which he stapled pieces of cloth or glued other materials to various types of surfaces. Often succeeded a determinedly vital, tactile outer structure.

Carl Köhler: Carl Köhler: the development of story drama and play

Carl Köhler’s work is displayed on When Music Worlds Collide, an album that is part of Jay Z’s TIDAL Rising program.


There has been a resurgence of demand for Carl Köhler, the Swedish neo-Modernist painter who passed away in 2006. Over the last few years Köhler has been seen in prestigious library exhibitions and cultural venues across the United States and Canada. Some of his work is now displayed in the artwork of When Music Worlds Collide, an album that is part of Jay Z’s TIDAL Rising program and has been featured on Fox News, Billboard, International Business Times, Business Insider, and more.


When Music Worlds Collide is an album by famed music producer Jonathan Hay – also a public relations maven known for his work with Rihanna. The album features several hip-hop stars such as Inspectah Deck from Wu-Tang Clan, Twista, Royce da 5’9″, Troy Ave, Kanye West’s protégé Cyhi the Prynce, Kool G Rap and many more. One of the main singles “Ashamed” features Kxng Crooked of Eminem’s Slaughterhouse and is currently in regular rotation on SiriusXM Shade45. Limited edition CD’s are available.


Once you have seen the astonishingly evocative portraits of the neo-Modernist painter Carl Köhler (1919-2006), you will wonder how he died relatively unknown outside of his native Sweden.
Köhler was a neo-modernist who especially liked to paint writers and intellectuals: Kafka, Beckett, Joyce, Gide, Beauvoir, all in a rough, haunting style that captured their writerly moods as much as their physical appearances.
Carl Köhler’s fusion art and literature demonstrates the brilliant execution required by any blend of genre or medium.